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22 June 2025 @ 08:12 pm

☆★ this journal is 90% FRIENDS ONLY ★☆
just because.

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24 October 2007 @ 10:21 pm
here's some pics~!

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more to come later, or not :P
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04 July 2007 @ 01:21 pm
the weekend was really fun, oh, was it fun! spent 4 lovely days with the hagakure x antifeminism teams, and i'm sorta dead tired right now, even tho we slept 12 hrs the previous night, but then yesterday we went drinking to Magda and i only slept like 2 hrs, cause her cats were constantly waking me up by sitting on my chest ¬_¬''

a lot has happened and i don't feel like writing it all here, but it was fun! i hope they come here again! (*o*) and i hope there will be more people on the audience next time (x___x) cause this was just... uhhh, no words.

so here's some pics, enjoy them. all the live ones were taken by Lee, the autograph session ones are mine:

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19 June 2007 @ 10:55 pm
Kyah, here it is, Paris report, LONG AS USUAL ^^;;

We arrived in Paris on Friday afternoon and found our hotel, which turned out pretty crappy. In the evening me and Enti went out with Kazu/shinjuka and Ayou, I had delicious kitsune soba and later yucky Guiness which tasted like watery pee. can't believe the Irish love this stuff so much O_o;

Next day, Kazu was at the venue early in the morning, around noon I walked Enti over there as well and went sightseeing. Saw Pere Lachaise, cause it was close, and... that's it XD I got tired, lol. But hey, at least I managed to find Jim Morrisson this time~! (^_^) I went to pick up Lina/akaban, who stayed at the hotel to study, and we went to the Maroquinerie, stopping at Pere Lachaise again to take pics. We arrived around 19, the ticket said it'd start at 19:30, but they only opened the door ~20 so we were annoyed 'cause we didn't wanna wait in no queues.

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Here's some pics, no band tho, just boring me and boring Paris XD
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19 March 2007 @ 10:38 am
omg i'm still so hyper XD someone slap me please!!!!!!

oookay, anyways, here's some more pics from Warsaw!

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15 March 2007 @ 11:18 pm
No time to write a proper report, cause it's almost midnight and my train for Berlin's leaving at 7:30 am O_o;


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I'll post more when I'm back from Berlin. luvluvluv♥
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05 February 2007 @ 03:23 am
I've mixed feelings for Kyoutarou, i like his lyrics (well, they're a source of endless amusement XD zomg teh angsssst *wry wry wryyy*) but I wish he'd stick to what's written, or at least revise the lyrics after he'd sung something completely different than he wrote >.>''

if you see any mistakes, please point them out m(___)m
the most porbable mistakes could be wrong use of spaces and nihon-shiki romaji, cause after typing in the lyrics i got used to writing in japanese ^^;;
i try to be consistent with hepburn romaji, and there's no retranslating katakana into english...

[] means it's in the lyrics, not sung, {} means the other way round. and there's gonna be a lot of footnotes anyway XD

√eight "illational"

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27 January 2007 @ 02:05 am
vb dkjfnkj ndfg , we're still so hyper ~~((((o*___*)o

we arrived at the venue around 4pm, right after ANTI FEMINISM finished their rehearsal.

I finally got to meet Kay (♥ you're so cute IRL, it's hard to believe you're such a PERV XD), and Tessa was there as well. yay ^-^

Hagakure started their rehearsal and woah does Kaya look different without make up or what XD i only recognised him when he grabbed the mike and started singing O_o;


There were so little ppl at first, we were kinda worried. Later on more of them showed up, and in the end there was abt 100 so yay (^-^) I guess a lot of them were late cause it started snowing heavily that day, for the first time this winter >___>

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I spent the rest of the evening behind the merch stand, so I didn't take part in the autograph session. It was suddenly stopped by this totally anoying French guy (don't even get me started on the shit he did >___>), even tho the bands were willing to sing more stuff. arrrgh.


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and now, since I dount anyone will read this awesomely long post anyway, here's some pics! (I'm too lazy/tired to uplaod my own so I'll just link from Li's LJ XD(

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22 December 2006 @ 02:30 am
Berlin01 :: Berlin02 :: Paris01 :: Paris02

So, the final thing...

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21 December 2006 @ 03:50 am
Berlin01 :: Berlin02 :: Paris01 :: Paris02

Dear potential readers, be aware that this post is meant to be fangirlish, and if you don't like it, don't read it (^o^)

oh, and it's terribly long too (^-^)v

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